• Image of You Are Stronger Than Your Pain card
  • Image of You Are Stronger Than Your Pain card

This card is from Sparkplug Creative, a new brand from me, (Tamara), owner of Delish General Store.

I had this card made...for me. And for anyone who needs a reminder that the things that make us feel weak can actually be our superpower. That’s a theme I come back to in writing and speaking and I feel it wholeheartedly...in my bones, you might say. Those bones, my bones, my joints, cause me no end (seriously) of pain, because of my longstanding active Rhematoid Arthritis.

This is usually physical pain but sometimes emotional, psychological. I struggle with how I look, how my disease is changing my body, my joints. Here’s what I want to say to anyone battling pain: you can’t go around it, you must go through it...and it’s better on the other side. I promise.

A portion of proceeds goes to the Orthopaedic Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre Fund at St. Paul’s Hospital. My team of surgeons is at this hospital, and these wonderful people give me my life back, one joint at a time.

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