• Image of Veles All-purpose cleaner
  • Image of Veles All-purpose cleaner

Did you know that many of the so-called "eco-friendly" or "natural" cleaning products you can find on store shelves are actually definitive examples of the term "greenwashing"? What does that mean? Miriam-Webster defines this as, "The act of misleading customers and potential customers into believing that a product or service is environmentally friendly".

This new all-purpose, resource negative, naturally derived, lab tested cleaner from Veles is authentically 100% natural.

97% of the cleaner is derived from food waste, and active ingredients include alcohol, acetic and lactic acid. Tested and safe on ceramics, glass, fiberglass, chrome, painted metal, stainless steel and plastic/acrylic surfaces.

500 ml / lasts about 3 months with regular use

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