• Image of Vancouver Island Salt Co. 45g Box
  • Image of Vancouver Island Salt Co. 45g Box
  • Image of Vancouver Island Salt Co. 45g Box
  • Image of Vancouver Island Salt Co. 45g Box

Vancouver Island Salt Co. is very proud to offer the world a taste of truly unrefined Canadian sea salt and a selection of sea salt infusions, respectfully hand harvested from the wild coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

These small boxes hold 45g of wonderfully delicious flavoured salts. Also look for their fleur de sel and large boxes of sea salt and smoked sea salt!

Balsamic Vinegar
Crisp clean salt flavour sets off the back and sides of the pallet, with a sweet slightly caramelized balsamic finish.

Pairs beautifully with fresh tomatoes, unripened cheeses, toasted nuts, and olive oil with fresh foccacia bread.

The balsamic salt's beautiful color makes it a great garnish for plated salads and appies.

Danish Blue Cheese
Our favorite infusion here in Salt Land, we're pretty sure this is a one of a kind and we're darn proud of it :)

A natural pairing with red meat, salad greens, pasta, tomatoes and popcorn, our Blue Cheese Infused Canadian Sea Salt is the perfect finishing salt for all that, and then there's chocolate (seriously).

Orange & Lime
Remember that summer? Pack all the sweet, refreshing citrusy flavors in this lively salt. This Orange and Lime infused salt works wonders with seafood, Thai food and is amazing in salads,and our favorite summer drink- margaritas!

Chicken, pork, root veggies...c'mon everything goes with garlic! Our Roasted Garlic Sea Salt adds a fragrant zing to your dish.

Smoked Sea Salt
Our best selling smoked sea salt now comes in a small size, just enough for you to fall in love with!

This super smoky sea salt spent days in the smoker with a special blend of three types of wood for that special, smoky, bacon-y aroma without the bacon ;).

We love this as a finishing salt for anything grilled, as well as a topper for pastas, and, you guessed it, desserts! Try it with caramel - sooo good!

Spanish Paprika
This all purpose infused salt lends a subtle smokiness and rounds off your seasoning for all types of meats, fish and green veggies.

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