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Element Botanicals creates botanically charged, aromatherapy spiked goods, featuring wild harvested and home grown plants, all of which have been carefully chosen for their benefits and uses in traditional herbalism. Their powerful yet gentle products are free of synthetics, cruelty, gluten, nuts, and are ethically sourced. Made in BC.

Skin Alchemist Serum provides highly concentrated botanicals and extracts to deliver intense nourishment and promote a balanced complexion. Vitamins and antioxidants from the wildcrafted rosehip oil and kombucha can help to restore elasticity and clarity, promoting cell renewal and repair. Coffee extract is included to encourage firmness of skin and reduce puffiness and inflammation associated with dark circles. Daily use can heighten your skin's ability to renew, rejuvenate and combat signs of damage. Beneficial and balancing to all skin types.

Versatile and effective as a serum, cleansing oil, spot treatment, around eyes and anywhere the skin needs a dose of nourishment. As a cleansing oil, this treatment will change the way you think of cleansing. Like attracts like and the deeply embedded bacteria laden oils on your skin will be gently lifted away, replacing moisture and balancing the sebum production of the skin.

To cleanse: Thoroughly massage into dry skin, concentrating on target areas,
gently remove with warm as can be water and a cloth.

Housed in recyclable bottle with pump, 2oz.

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