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By the creators of the one and only Poo-pouri, Shoe-Pourri is an odor stomping blend of cedarwood, eucalyptus and grapefruit essential oils that help eliminate shoe stink! Shoe-Pourri is the natural shoe odor eliminator that REALLY WORKS.

Shoe-Pourri is specifically designed to destroy odors on a molecular level by actively reacting with the bad smell molecules. It uses mal-odor neutralizing essential oils and natural enzymes to eliminate smelly shoe odors. Independent tests prove it works more effectively than other shoe deodorizing products tested!

How to use:
1. Spritz one to two sprays of Shoe~Pourri into your new or smelly shoes, sneakers or boots.

2. Let dry before you wear

3. For super stinky kicks, repeat steps until the odor has been neutralized.

Housed in plastic bottle with spray nozzle, 2oz.

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