• Image of Jude's Miracle Cloths
  • Image of Jude's Miracle Cloths
  • Image of Jude's Miracle Cloths

Born in Toronto, Jude’s Miracle Cloth will replace your toxic cleaning solutions and also provide a better, healthier, and more thorough clean. Jude’s Miracle Cloth is eco-friendly, child safe, and pet safe. Just one Jude’s Miracle Cloth will replace a year or more’s worth of paper towel. Jude’s will save you money and help to preserve the planet.

Use for a streak free, spot free, lint free clean on windows, mirrors, stainless steel, and whatever else you need cleaned.

High-quality microfibre combined with the right manufacturing process creates an extremely effective, durable, and high performing cleaning material. The premium microfibre of Jude’s Miracle Cloth strategically lifts and traps dirt and moisture to leaves surfaces clean, dry, and polished – every time. Simply wet it, wring it, wipe it, and walk away! No chemicals or solvents are used to manufacture the cloth – just water.

Jude's Automotive Cloths are made with the same incredible quality but the manufacturing is slightly altered to provide more flexibility for cleaning cars, motorcycles, boats, and chrome.

The ‘Jude’s for Dudes’ cloth will never:
*Leave spots
*Scratch (Not even on your expensive or vintage paint finishes or chrome!)

You can hand wash your Jude’s in the sink with any dish soap or detergent, or you can throw it in the washing machine in up to 200*F / 95* C hot water. Air dry.

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