• Image of Happy Spritz Aromatherapy Sprays
  • Image of Happy Spritz Aromatherapy Sprays
  • Image of Happy Spritz Aromatherapy Sprays
  • Image of Happy Spritz Aromatherapy Sprays
  • Image of Happy Spritz Aromatherapy Sprays

So many spritzes, so much happy! There's a mix for everyone, read below to see if you can find yours!

Spray these everywhere: body, face, room, pillow, clothing, hair, car...everywhere!

face + body + travel
portion of all proceeds goes to benefit animal rescue

100 ml : 3.4oz

Breathe Deeply
Breathe Deeply is a refreshing mix of pure peppermint + eucalyptus + tea tree essential oil blends.

This aromatherapy blend gives you instant relief in dealing with: allergies, colds, respiratory issues, anxiety... you name it.

Breathe Deeply is a crisp, cool, minty essential oil blend that is used best by spritzing on your face + inhaling the scent directly out of the bottle.
*each happy spritz comes in a 3.4 oz amber glass bottle. shake well, spritz + enjoy!

Good Karma™ is a balancing and toning blend, infused with rose + aloe and followed up with a hint of invigorating peppermint essential oil. This blend is restoring and moisturizing leaving your skin feeling soft + hydrated.

• keynotes: light rose, hint of mint

Good Morning Beautiful
Good Morning Beautiful is an energizing + refreshing blend of organic citrus peel, lemon + other 100% pure essential oils that will help energize + uplift whenever you need to be revitalized throughout the day.

Namaste Ninja
Clear your mind + clean your mat. Namaste Ninja uses organic tea tree essential oil as one of the main ingredients which is known for its antimicrobial + anti-fungal properties.

It works to freshen + clean your yoga mat pre/post yoga sesh while spritzing on your face and body will keep you refreshed + alert + grounded, leaving you smelling like you just left the spa, not hot yoga!

> face + body + surface + yoga mat

Rugged Gentleman
Rugged Gentleman is for the dapper + distinguished. This essential oil blend is perfect as an all natural cologne/body spritz, the patchouli will help uplift your spirits while sage helps in relieving any built up tension. Rugged gentleman also has antimicrobial + antifungal properties to it, so it works great as a mid-day refresher for you, your pad, or your gym bag.

> body + linen + room
> natural cologne

Run Sweat Recover
This refreshing mix of organic spearmint + tea tree essential oils, will leave you feeling clean + minty fresh pre/post workout. This is a perfect aromatherapy blend for jocks, gym rats, cyclists and runners.

Spearmint + Tea Tree (or melaleuca) essential oils both have antimicrobial and anti fungal properties. They work to cool and soothe while leaving you, your gym bag, shoes, wrist or knee wraps clean + refreshed + rejuvenated.

• keynotes: spearmint + tea tree

Sweet Dreams Darling
Sweet Dreams Darling uses a powerful organic lavender essential oil blend to help promote relaxation + soundful sleep. Whether you are getting ready to catch zzz's or just needing to calm your nerves + curb your anxiety before a mid-day meeting, this blend will have you covered.

Sweet Dreams Darling also works great for pets. 1-3 Spritz on a pet bed or in car during a road trip or plane ride, to help ease nervousness or separation anxiety.

> face + body + linen
> pet friendly : use on fido to ease travel or separation anxiety

Woodsy Lumber Jack
Woodsy Lumber Jack will leave you thinking you just woke up in the attic of a mountain cabin. It's an outdoorsy blend of cedarwood essential oil which stimulates your brain, while the Canadian pine essential oils work to relax and restore.
This blend is light + refreshing, it works great as a natural aromatherapy face + body spritz.

> light woodsy scent

Mini Box Set

This mini box set includes some of the best selling scents Happy Spritz has to offer! This box includes 5 x 10oz mini sprays:

- Good Morning Beautiful
- Breathe Deeply
- Sweet Dreams Darling
- Good Karma
- Namaste Ninja

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