• Image of Regular Mouth Daisy Lids
  • Image of Regular Mouth Daisy Lids
  • Image of Regular Mouth Daisy Lids
  • Image of Regular Mouth Daisy Lids
  • Image of Regular Mouth Daisy Lids

Daisy lids have been one of our best-selling products for a while now, and we are happy to provide you with new, colourful options!

There are so many uses for these cute lids!
*Fill a standard-mouth jar with your favorite beverage, and top it with a Daisy lid and one of our paper straws (cocktail straws are great for small jars, regular sized straws for bigger jars). Perfect for back yard BBQs, the beach, baby and wedding showers, and parties of all kinds. Our paper drinking straws fit in the center hole very securely, and more loosely in the petal tip holes.
*Put a votive candle inside and the lid on top for inside the house, and absolutely perfect for holding any kind of candle (like citronella -- take that, mosquitoes!) outside, as the lid will prevent the wind from blowing out the flame.
*Use as a shaker with parm cheese or red pepper flakes for a pizza party!
*Bakers - use the lid on top of a jar of flour to re-flour your work surface, or icing sugar to decorate the tops of goodies.
*Use as a shaker for bath salts in the tub.
*Use the top holes to insert flowers into for an instant arrangement.
*Also wonderful for a jar full of potpourri. You get the scent without the potential for mess, or accidental nibbling by pets and kids. (HA!)
*Crafters - we haven't forgotten about you! Insert a spool of baker's twine, yarn or string into a jar (our 16oz square jar is perfect), and thread it through one of the petals, affixing the lid on top. No more spools rolling around the floor!

These lids fit most regular sized jelly, pint or quart sized jars (2 3/4″ dia. threads (70G450)). Does not fit wide mouth jars.

Made in the USA out of tin with food safe finish.

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