• Image of Canadiana Postcards
  • Image of Canadiana Postcards
  • Image of Canadiana Postcards
  • Image of Canadiana Postcards
  • Image of Canadiana Postcards

Postcard size: 10cm x 15cm / 4" x 6"
Made in Canada
Designer: Canadian Culture Thing
If we didn't live here already, we'd sure want to visit.
Available for purchase:
1. Canada Calls You. Tourism magazine published by the Canadian Travel Bureau (Department of Transport), Ottawa, Ontario 1939
2. Canadian Pacific Passenger List 1929
3. Captain Canuck issue #1 by Comely Comix
4. Dominion of Canada c1909
5. "Sally Baxter Girl Reporter - In Canada" by Sylvia Edwards
6. Canada: Tomorrow's Giant by Bruce Hutchinson 1957. Jacket Design by Ismar David
7. Canada's Production and Wealth Animated Map from This Canada Ours booklet 1940
8. Suspension Bridge. Capilano Canyon. Height 200 ft. (Today 230 ft.) Length 450 ft. Vancouver, BC. 1928
9. Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canadian Rockies c1920
10. Samsonite of Canada ad featuring Miss Canada of 1957, Joan Fitzpatrick of Windsor, Ontario
11. Hello from Vancouver!
Totem Pole and Mountie at Prospect Point c1910. Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.
12. Canadian Grown Apples-Delight in Every Bite. 1924
13. The Spectator's "Canadian Magazine" February 12, 1972
14. Animated Map of Canada c1935
15. Dale of the Mounted #1 by Joe Holliday 1951
16. Animated Map of Alberta and British Columbia from Canada National Parks West 1967
17. One Family One Nation ad. The CBC Television network launches their Coast to Coast coverage July 1, 1958.
18. Cover of "Sport Fishing in British Columbia" booklet 1953
19. The Maple Leaf Forever postcard c1916 featuring Canada's 9 Provincial Coats of Arms. Newfoundland and Labrador entered the Canadian Confederation in 1949.
20. Picture Postcard of Prospect Point c1929 with white lettering reading "Beautiful British Columbia"
21. Northwest Mounties #2 Comic Book Cover 1948
22. "Steele of the Royal Mounted" by James Curwood 1911.
23. Royal Canadian Club Soda bottle neck and body labels c1930.
24. Large Letter Greetings from Canada from postcard booklet cover c1935.
25. Canadian propaganda postcard c1906.

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