• Image of Canadian Sea Salt Collection

Vancouver Island Salt Company's first boxed sea salt collection includes four limited-edition finishing salts inspired the terrain of our home and native land:

FOREST - Maple Smoked Sea Salt
PRAIRIE - Haskap Berry Sea Salt
MOUNTAIN - True North Flake Sea Salt
OCEAN - Kelp Umami Sea Salt

Each salt is hand-harvested in small batches and hand packed at our harvestry on beautiful Vancouver Island. As Canada's first producer of sea salt, we are proud to bring you the unique taste of the True North!

Contains four jars of hand-harvested sea salt approximately 215 g combined weight.

The gift box is handcrafted from natural pine wood, and has a slide top. Dimensions: L 14cm x 14cm x H 7cm.

Total product weight (including all packaging): 770 grams

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