• Image of Beeswax Works Tea Lights
  • Image of Beeswax Works Tea Lights

A lovely addition to our candle collection from Bees Wax Works -- beeswax tea lights.

Six in a package, buy them to fill your own candle holders or use them in our new frosted lantern jars with daisy lids for a soft, glowing effect.

These tea lights come in either plastic or tin cups.

Some information about beeswax:
Our 100% Canadian beeswax is sourced from various apiaries in British Columbia and Alberta. The wax has been filtered only to remove debris. The colour of the wax alters by what blossoms the bees have been pollinating. Bees Wax Works strives to use the purest wax possible; we use no additives, fragrances, fillers or colouring agents. The scent of our wax is simply pure.

Beeswax is a renewable resource.

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