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We have long loved the look of vintage pewter goblets, but cannot really imagine drinking wine out of them...so we decided to turn them into objets that can be used in another way and actually enjoyed as part of our (and your) decor.

Our new soy candles look gorgeous in vintage pewter/silver/brass goblets, and are richly scented with an organic essential oil mix. Some of these have a beautiful tarnished vintage patina, and a few are even engraved from previous owners (we think that makes them even better). We also have a lot of these in the small size that are bright silver.

We love soy candles as much for their gentle glow and creamy color as for the fact that soy is sustainable, while paraffin candles are derived from non-renewable petroleum resources.

Soy wax is also water soluble, so once you have burned the candle down you can wash the container with hot water and use it once again. If you would prefer a refill, get in touch with us via the contact page and we will pour you a new candle for a lower fee.

Also see our beautiful larger tarnished vintage goblet soy candles, and glass goblet candles, for more beauties...

Scents and containers available (keep coming back - as these ones sell, new ones will be uploaded so the listing should always be current):

1. basil, bergamot, sweet orange, rose blend in brass goblet - 5" high/3" diameter (3 available)
lavender, rose, rose geranium - 5" high/3" diameter (4 available)
2. rose, sweet orange, basil - 4 3/4" high/2 3/4" diameter (1 only)

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