• Image of Strong As A Mother - Greeting Card
  • Image of Strong As A Mother - Greeting Card

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To frame or to send, this Strong as a Mother greeting card is our very newest piece in our internationally popular #strongasamother campaign. Choose between our two current designs -- whatever makes you feel the best!

These elegant greeting cards incorporate either the black scallop Strong As A Mother design or the newer text Strong as a Mother design on a white backdrop. Measure 4" x 6".

For the woman who has brought life into the world, for the woman who nurtures it now. For the woman who makes a costume, a story, a project, a home, a family. For the woman who taps the reserves of strength she never knew she even had, until she became a mother.

We are part of a sisterhood, in the mother 'hood, having the best blessed job in the world.

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These are a collaboration with Jenna Hobbs of Hobbs Photography.

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