• Image of Ball Heritage Collection Blue Pint (16oz.) Mason Jar - wide mouth
  • Image of Ball Heritage Collection Blue Pint (16oz.) Mason Jar - wide mouth

We are going back to blue! As part of The American Heritage Collection celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the first Mason jar developed by the Ball Brothers, Ball has released a limited number of their classic pint-sized Blue jars. Delish General Store is proud to bring them to you!

Why blue? From Wikipedia:
"Most antique jars that are not colorless are a shade of aqua known as "Ball blue," named for the prevalent jar maker. Colored jars were considered better for canning use, as they block some light from reaching the food, which helps to retain flavor and nutritional value longer. "

In addition to canning, these jars also are great for drinks, food and general storage (pantry, office supplies, etc.). We have even seen pictures of people using them for liquid hand soap in the bathroom or kitchen, and as vases for a lovely bouquet of flowers!

Try our Daisy Lids combined with our paper drinking straws for a lovely retro drinking experience, or the awesome BPA-free Mason Bar with our stainless steel straw for the modern hipster experience!

This size of jar works with our Daisy Lids, Cuppow, coin slots, the reCAP, the Ecojarz stainless steel topper, and the BPA-free Mason Bar topper.

(Does not fit wide mouth lids or the wide mouth Cuppow.)

*Flower images courtesy of customer Annie R., from Yarrow, B.C., who says, "One more photo! I’m in love with lilacs and blue ball jars. This photo is with the 2 new ball jars and the middle one is a real antique :) slightly more green than the full on turquoise of the new ones. All gorgeous!!"
Thank you, Annie!

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