• Image of Purple Ball Heritage Collection Pint (16oz.) Mason Jar
  • Image of Purple Ball Heritage Collection Pint (16oz.) Mason Jar

Bring on the colour! Celebrating 100 years of jar making by the Ball brothers, the limited edition green Heritage Collection started with blue jars, then released green and now purple jars. Available in regular mouth and wide mouth.

In addition to canning, these jars also are great for drinks, food and general storage (pantry, office supplies, etc.). We have even seen pictures of people using them for liquid hand soap in the bathroom or kitchen, and as vases for a lovely bouquet of flowers!

Try any of our jar toppers with your new green jar - from the Daisy Lids, combined with our paper drinking straws for a lovely retro drinking experience, or the Mason Bar, EcoJarz or Cuppow to perhaps drink your green smoothie out of your green jar.

This size of jar works with our Daisy Lids, Cuppow, coin slots, the reCAP, the Ecojarz stainless steel and silicone toppers, and the BPA-free Mason Bar topper.

(Does not fit wide mouth toppers - for a jar to fit those, see the green and purple wide mouth quart jars.)

Available as singles, and inquire to buy by the case.

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