• Image of Cursor & Thread Bowties
  • Image of Cursor & Thread Bowties
  • Image of Cursor & Thread Bowties
  • Image of Cursor & Thread Bowties
  • Image of Cursor & Thread Bowties

The Salt and Pepper bow tie is one of our most handsome yet light and casual looking bow ties for Gentlemen.

Available in salt and pepper black and indigo, these are handmade in Vancouver!

Made in Canada by people you'd like, this chambray polka dot bow tie uses materials of the highest quality from the fabric right down to the hardware. As a result, it should only be worn by humans of the same caliber (if you happen to know a Henry that's an extra incentive).

The Railway Chambray Cotton Bow Tie is simply a sharp, high quality, gentleman's bow tie. As with all our bow ties, these Railway bow ties can swing both ways, but if forced, the chambray leans a little more formal, while the cream can be casual as a Sunday stroll, or a summer wedding. The Chambray gives it that extra character that's not exactly silk, and not exactly cotton - let's just say this handsome piece will keep them guessing.

Handmade in New York, The Railway adjustable bow ties are great for when you really want to up your game... or travel by rail. People will love it!

Made in Canada by people you'd like, the floral Lennox self-tie bow tie is something that would be worn by that guy you knew who played rugby for the national team, but also did a major in Philosophy. It's masculine and sensitive in all the right ways, and good people will notice.

These are self-tie bow ties for the purist, however they come tied, and are adjustable if you're just learning to tie. Of course, to mix it up you'll need to know/learn how to tie a bow tie. The truth is it's easy to learn (thank you YouTube), and worth the 15 minutes, given the number one question people ask bow tie wearers is... 'did you tie that yourself?

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