• Image of Chalk Pen 0.5mm
  • Image of Chalk Pen 0.5mm

Sharp tipped marker for extra fine details!

Available in the following colours:

Best used on smooth non-porous surfaces. Examples: glass, metal, plastic, granite, glazed ceramic, Chalk Ink chalkboards, Chalk In wallpaper, Chalk Ink dry erase wallpaper and Chalk Ink chalkboard paper.

Chalk paint works best with chalk. Marker residue will remain on
chalkboard painted surfaces.

Pair this pen with our black washi or black masking tape to label anything and everything that needs a label. We particularly like it for the pantry, so when it's time to wash the jar you can just peel and redo when clean.

Chalk Ink Wet Wipe markers clean off with water or ammonia based cleaners.

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