• Image of Aromatherapy Wands
  • Image of Aromatherapy Wands
  • Image of Aromatherapy Wands

Available in Up, Down or The Exorcist.

100% Natural ingredients, containing a high concentration of pure essential oils in a grapeseed oil base.

Up >>> A bright, invigorating blend of bold citrus, lemongrass and grounding resinous roots to uplift and refresh. Perfect for times when your feet are dragging or you just need a boost of encouragement.

Down >>> A soothing, comforting blend of airy lavender, geranium and earthy herbal notes work together and can offer comfort for complaints such as headaches, migraines, over indulgence, PMS symptoms, pregnancy issues and much more.

The Exorcist >>> At the first sign of a headache or migraine, apply this powerful blend at the temples, at the base of the skull. You can simply inhale the aroma if you don't want to wear it, too.
The warming and cooling effect of the oils freezes throbbing and pain, reduces tension and nausea and has been proven to reduce severity and duration of headaches.

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