• Image of 4oz. Mason Jar

This is a sweet little jar that is perfect for cakes and pies in a jar, small batch jellies and jams, freezing baby food, and more.

*Add a reCAP and it's perfect for taking salad dressing with your salad, to work or for a picnic.
*Use a Daisy lid and you have a small container for potpourri.
*Top with one of our colored mason jar lids for office or craft room storage - perfect for paper clips, buttons and more!

This jar works with regular sized jelly, pint or quart sized jar lids (2 3/4″ dia. threads).

We particularly like it paired with the reCAP, for a great salad dressing solution. Make it at home, take it to work, shake it and pour on your greens. Healthy, homemade and delicious!

Lids are not included
Does not fit wide mouth jar lids.
Diameter: 2-3/4"
Height: 2"

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